Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interesting mix of requirements - anxiety, depression, and spanking fetish all wrapped into one...

SWM w/depression/anxiety seeking SWF w/depression/anxiety - 50

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Date: 2008-04-22, 5:34PM PDT

SWM, turning 50 on July 5, no chidren, never married, never been in love, never been in a relationship, diagnosed with major depressive disorder/anxiety/severe insomnia major panic attacks and OCD symptoms in 2002. I have been in therapy since 2002 and my symptoms are dehabilitating. I am undergoing workshops and seminars, as well as intense therapy, to get back to work and to become more stable, especially with my insomnia. I take medication and I have equilibrium and balance problems. I am seeking a SWF with similiar symptoms. I have not worked since 2006 which is depressing in itself. I have a degree in Business Administration with an Option in Marketing and Retail Management.

Other than my symptoms, I am very healthy and independent. I walk a minimum of two miles a day. I have lost 27 pounds in the past year and a half. Yet I am still not happy with the way I look although becoming more accepting of myself. I have a lot of faults and definitely not a GQ-type, but I really don't want to be either. I mainly take the bus and do very little driving only when necessary. My panic attacks are becoming less frequent. My OCD symptoms have become more pronounced as of late. I cannot drive at night.

My main goal is to return to work and become more stable in management of my afflictions. I attend therapy once-two times a week and also attend various seminars and workshops to improve my skills and reduce the prominence of my symptoms. Please have a positive attitude and outlook and smile! I do. I know I will be better and I will eventually return to work and I will be more happy with myself. I currently do volunteer work for my Church and also have worked with disabled children (especially autistic) and with developmentally disabled adults. However right now I am concentrating on improving myself and getting back on the right track. If you have the same positive outlook and attitude please feel free to write back. I have a high sex drive with no one to share it with. You must enjoy sex on a regular, daily basis and not afraid to be intimate. I have a spanking fetish and need to be sensually spanked on a regular, daily basis which helps me reduce my depression and anxiety symptoms and also will spank you if so desired. You must enjoy both giving and receiving sensual/erotic spankings on a regular, daily basis. If you are not amicable to giving/reeiving sensual/erotic over-the-lap bare bottom spankings with massages then please respond to other ads. Please absolutely no illegal drugs and no smoking of anything as I am highly allergic. Please do not offer me any drugs. Please be 100% free of all STD's as I am. Please be single and unattached.

A photo is not necessary. A smile is. Please do not be shallow nor judgemental.

No platonic friendships. This is to share intimacy and give/receive sensual spankings on a regular, daily basis. Please be understanding of my symptoms as I will be with yours.


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